About The Center


Global Data Innovation Hub that offers Solutions and Value Creation regarding Data

Kobe University is an academic institution that has continued to encourage forward-looking and independent thinking in working toward our ideal of creating ‘harmony between theory and reality’. We pledge to become an outstanding research university that meets the highest international standards and can serve as a center for new value creation. The Center furthers social implementation and value creation by encouraging inclusive collaboration and joint research with corporations and local governments, and promote data innovation in Kobe and Kansai region. Also we will create the hub for data innovation which will help to solve the issues and lead to value creation based on data science. Furthermore, we endeavor to become an international hub for mathematical and data sciences and promote collaboration with research organizations and other universities both at home and abroad.

Data Innovation Education Program and Human Resource Training

As the rise of data-driven society is anticipated worldwide students are trained the basics of mathematical and data sciences throughout university. Standard curriculum for mathematical and data sciences is prepared. The Center will plan, develop and practice an advanced program, Kobe University Data Innovation Program, focused on problem-solving and value creation using various data and challenges provided by enterprises and local governments with appreciable amounts of data, and create a structure of human resource training.

Data Science Research that supports The Fourth Industrial Revolution

As the Fourth Industrial Revolution is progressing worldwide due to rapid development of information and communications technologies, globalization of the world and changes in industrial structures are accelerating. The nation is working on realizing a Super Smart Society, supported by “Society 5.0”, “IoT”: The Internet of Things, Big Data, AI, technological innovation regarding Information Security, ahead of the world. As we work on creating new value towards new industries and social changes in the future we promote fundamental research in anticipation of social implementation and value creation. Mathematics, statistics and information science as a base we promote researches on AI, big data analysis, information security, multimedia data analysis, deep learning, high performance computing, cyber physical system, finance, marketing, healthcare field, healthcare for elderly and nursing care.

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